White Seedless Varieties


Large. White, thin skin. Flesh firm, crisp, juicy, seedless. Ripens July.


The Sugraone berry is bright green and elongated. The fruit offers a light, sweet flavor and a distinctive crunch.


The Thompson is a white/green seedless grape that ripens in early mid-season between the months of July through mid September. The Thompson berries are an elongated oval shape with a crisp texture. The grape bunches these berries form are firmly attached and fairly large.

Almost everyone is familiar with this grape's light green color, oblong berries, and sweet juicy flavor. The variety originated in the Middle East.


The Princess is a white/green seedless grape that ripens mid-season between the months of August through September. Princess grapes have somewhat of a Muscat-flavor and its berries are large in size, which are typically larger than those of the Thompson seedless.

Autumn King

The Autumn King is a white/green seedless grape that ripens late season during the month of October. The Autumn King berries are cylindrical and large in size with a firm texture. The grape bunches these berries form are medium-sized that are medium to well-filled.

Red Seedless Varieties


The Flame is a dark red seedless grape
that was created by crossing different
varieties such as the Thompson Seedless. The Red Flame has medium size berries that are round in shape with a crunchy texture. The Flame ripens in early mid season through the months of July and August.


Ruby Seedless is a mid- to late-season red, seedless table grape developed by H.P. Olmo at the University of California, Davis. The cultivar resulted from a cross of I.P 75 (Muscat of Alexandria x Thompson Seedless) and Emperor, made in 1939. Ruby Seedless is known for its ability to mature extremely large crops. The clusters are well filled to compact making it prone to bunch rot. It resists sunburn, has moderate berry size and matures an abundant second crop. There are approximately 1,800 hectares of Ruby Seedless in commercial production in California.


This is a late season seedless grape named for its brilliant deep red color. It has a distinct sweet, rich flavor. The berries are of medium size and have a cylindrical shape. The skin is medium in thickness, and is firm and crisp.

Scarlet Royal

The Scarlet Royal is a red seedless grape that ripens mid-season between the months of August through September. The Scarlet Royal berries have an oval shape with a firm texture and a medium to thick skin. The grape bunches these berries form are large and medium to well filled.


Black Seedless Varieties

Summer Royale

The Summer Royal is the newest addition to La Jolla variety family, which is expected to be ready by the 09' season. Summer Royal is a blue/black seedless grape that ripens during mid-season.
Summer Royal berries are oval shaped with a firm and crisp texture giving them a sweet Muscat-flavor.

Unknown Black Seedless

The Large blueish black elongated berries are all about flavor

Autumn Royal

This black seedless grape is known for its black berries which ripen in late September to mid-October. They are conical in shape and are known for their very distinct flavor.

Red Seeded Varieties

Red Globe

These grapes are available from August through November. They are an extremely large seeded berry with a red round shape. They come in large bunches with plump berries. They have a sweet mild flavor, and are perfect with cheese or frozen as ice cubes in various beverages.

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